Design and Prepress

Design and Prepress services:


We offer the idea and realization of a beautiful design for almost all print products. Design of packages, labels, product catalogs, logo, posters, flyers, leaflets, brochures and business cards. In addition to the printed materials that are printed on paper or cardboard, we offer a design of transparent envelopes and packaging that are printed on flexo printing, such as polyethylene, polypropylene and laminated film. These are packs such as a zipper envelopes, a “doypack” type, or a foil for filling packages on packing machines. The design of such packages has specific features related to the printing technology and the specificity of the packaging machines and requires experience and knowledge. When designing such a design, all these features are provided at the stage of design and idea, and the finished design is not only beautiful but feasible and functional.
We also offer a complete corporate identity. Building a concept of new businesses or products, as well as redesigning existing ones. This includes creating a new logo and branding of all corporate materials such as business cards, company letterhead, company products, product catalogs, and branded promotional materials such as glasses or pens. Building corporate identity also involves presenting the company online by creating a Facebook page, website, internet banners and branded company emails.


Usually, designers create a conceptual design that can not be printed without prepressing because it does not meet printing requirements. When we create a design, we make the prepress preparation for offset or flexo printing and provide the customer with a fully-prepared print file that meets all requirements and can be directly delivered to a printing workshop. Image resolution, color model, trapping, overprint, bleed, Pantone colors and all other technical features of the prepress preparation are fulfilled and it is certain that the printer will not return the file because it does not meet their requirements.
When you order a design with us, you get the prepaid service free of charge, saving time and money, minimizing the risk of errors and ensuring maximum print quality.


In order to design your advertising, packaging or catalog, images of your products are usually needed. We have professional equipment, lighting and backgrounds and we take pictures of the products for the specific purpose of design we are developing. This means that even if you have ready-made photos, they may not be suitable for the particular purpose, for example you have a horizontal photo, and the design you need is vertical, or another background color and other lighting is needed.
We shoot the product so that it matches the size, angle and lighting, exactly the design we make. This gives us the advantage of achieving a more beautiful and spectacular result. For you, the product photography service, as well as the prepress, is free of charge and comes in the cost of design service.


When ordering a design with us, you get free prepress preparation and product photography. With this complete service we save you a lot of time and money. We reduce the possibility of mistakes and the risk of something going wrong in the chain to a minimum and, above all, achieving a more spectacular and beautiful end result.

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