Design and Prepress

Design and Prepress services prices:

All prices include graphic design, prepress, and product photography. All prices are without VAT.
VAT is not added to the prices as the company is not registered for VAT.

Package design
150 €

Label design
75 €

Logo design
150 €

Poster design
100 €

Business card design 
25 €

Flyer design
50 €

For all other services not included in this price list,
the price is 7,5 € per working hour.

Graphic design is not a product that sells per kilogram or per hour. The time and amount of work required for a beautiful result, vary and are not constant.
Sometimes the first idea is good and is realized for a little while, and in other cases it is necessary to make the second and third options, to leave the original project and develop a new one. The degree of complexity for each project is different and depends on many factors. That’s why, the quoted prices are indicative and are subject to additional negotiation, contact us to make an accurate offer.

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